About our Beef

Our Angus beef cattle are farm raised from birth with no hormones or in-feed antibiotics. They are grown on responsibly managed pasture and cover crops. They are finished with a balance of grain and forage. Our beef is processed through the high quality work of Tiefenthaler Quality Meats, in Holstein, IA. We have beef available by the cut, in arranged packages, and in orders of quarters or halves in the late fall months. Please let us know what we can do for you!

Nathan Anderson - n8andy@gmail.com 515-708-5199

Sarah Anderson - sjandy813@gmail.com 563-379-0922

Cuts and Cooking Tips


     - Round Steak: Great in the slow cooker or for slow roasting with vegetables – can be marinated, seasoned, grilled,        or sliced for beef tacos or fajitas ($5.00/lb)

     - Sirloin Steak: Large, lean steaks for the grill – a marinade is optional for desired flavor ($7.00/lb)

     - Ribeye Steak: Excellent flavor and texture for summer grilling – juicy and tender ($11.00/lb)

     - New York Strip Steak: More lean than the Ribeye – Rave reviews ($11.50/lb)

     - Tenderloin Steak: The best cut you can buy – Amazingly tender – Melts in your mouth ($15.00/lb)


     - Arm Roast: A bone-in roast that's full of flavor ($4.50/lb)

     - Sirloin Tip Roast: Can be roasted whole or used for kabobs or in stir-fry ($5.00/lb)

     - Round Roast: A great roast for the slow cooker – Add your favorite vegetables and enjoy ($5.50/lb)

     - Boneless Rump Roast: Tender and juicy – Best roast – Makes great pulled beef ($6.50/lb)


     - Ground Beef: Available in 1 and 1.5 lb packages – 85% lean – Has received great reviews for flavor ($4.75/lb)

     - Brisket: Great for the smoker – Comes whole and untrimmed ($6.00/lb)

Package Deals

     - Grill Master Package: 5 lbs Ground Beef, 2 Ribeye, 2 New York Strip = 10% off total

     - Slow Cooker Package: 6 packages of Round Steak, 1 Round Roast, 1 Rump Roast = 10% off total

     - Steak Lover’s Package: 2 Sirloin, 2 Ribeye, 2 New York Strip, 2 Tenderloin = 10% off total

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